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Skyhook is proud to partner with 7018 Welding

When a project has more welding then we can handle, when a project needs more than the gas that's in our tank, we call for back up. We call for 7018 welding. Skyhook is proud to partner with 7018 welding, they have never let us down, and we are confident they will do the same for you, whatever your project. 

Welding Equipment Repair

Structural steel welding

When you need someone who can get the job done, look no further than 7018 welding. Structural steel Certified, knowledgeable, and beyond capable. 

Installation Power Buggy Rental

Heavy equipment welding and repair

When your machine breaks, every minute its down costs you money. When time is of the essence, 7018 has your back, and will get you moving again.

A Man Welding

Custom Fabrication

Details count. You know what you need, and want every piece to be perfect. Whether its Custom Ninja Obstacles, or a ten foot tall sculpture, when you need something custom, 7018 will get it exactly right. 

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