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How Can We Help You?

What are your financing options?

Skyhook is prepared to help you with financing by connecting you with some of our lending partners. For most projects, expect to put half of the cost down up front, and half as final payments. For larger projects, we work in installments as deadlines are hit.

How is Skyhook Construction different from its competitors?

While we are not the biggest construction company around, we know our stuff. Working out of an existing gym with diverse offerings have forced us to build things that last, since if they don't last we have to fix them. We also get to continually innovate and figure out new offerings in a way that most of our competitors cant, since it would be too expensive. 
Lastly, we are local. If you are looking to start a gym in New York, we are not the best choice (for now!), but if you are in Oregon, California, Washington, or Idaho, we have you covered.

Can you answer some questions about how to install things in my house?

Skyhook Construction is always happy to consult to keep people safe. We are happy to answer quick questions, or point you towards relevant resources that we have put together, but sometimes what might seem like a quick question is actually a much longer process. If we determine it is more than a quick answer, or we do not have existing documentation we can refer you to, we are happy to consult for a reasonable hourly fee.

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