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Cody and his team designed and built our backyard ninja rig and indoor climbing wall and THEY ARE AMAZING. We have two young boys who absolutely love the sport of ninja and dreamed of having a course at home. Cody and his team made that a reality! Cody was a true professional, and easy to work with every step of the way. He listened to our dreams, then worked with our budget to plan a design and make it all happen. We ended up with an amazing course of hanging obstacles, a rock wall, salmon ladder, peg board, and cliff hanger under our deck, and a rig alongside our house with lache bars and assorted obstacles to hang on them. We later added an indoor climbing wall. Everything is completely customized and adjustable. We can adjust the entire outdoor rig for size and height as our son grows, and can easily swap the obstacles as his interest and skill develops. Also, Cody and his team have come back to our house several times to perform safety checks and come up with new course layouts.


As parents, we appreciate Cody's dedication to safety measures. He always installs obstacles with multiple points of contact to lessen the risk of them coming loose and causing injury. He also tests each obstacle to ensure they hold up to the stated weight limits. Additionally, he worked with us to install padding under the obstacles to ensure our kids' safety.


Our kids love that they can now train at home, and that Cody is able to create any obstacle they can dream up. Our 4 year old loves the rock wall the best, while our 10 year old's favorite is the lache bars. They both spend so much time on the ninja course, and we love that the obstacles can be customized for their different sizes and abilities.


Again, I cannot recommend Cody and his team enough. He was easy to work with, efficient, creative, safety conscious, and a true professional. The equipment he built for our kids will last through their childhoods, and will be loved for many years to come.

Melissa and Craig Corica

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