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Our Story

Skyhook Ninja Fitness started in a backyard, as Knope-Jenkins Personal Training. Our owner Cody had been a personal trainer for four years, and opened a personal training studio out of his house in Happy Valley.  At the same time, he wanted to train for American Ninja Warrior, and finding no gyms in Oregon, started building his own obstacles. As homemade obstacles slowly expanded, clients wanted to use them, one thing led to another, and Knope-Jenkins Personal Training became the premier place to train for American Ninja Warrior in Portland. 

Skyhook Ninja Fitness is an expansion of his original idea.  Now having been open for five years, we have seen a thriving community spring up around us. It was truly a "if you build it, they will come" situation, and we have loved every minute of it. Other than his interest in fitness, Cody went to school for mechanical engineering, and then went back to school to learn how to weld. We have built everything here at Skyhook, and have learned a ton along the way.

Designing, building, and improving upon what we have here is our passion; members who have gone on vacation often remark how different the gym looks after only being away for a month or two. This expertise helped us be perfectly positioned to build equipment for peoples homes and businesses.

Why Choose Skyhook?

So many of the people selling Ninja warrior equipment don't know what they are doing. 

It's sold by people looking to make a quick buck, they import poor quality equipment from China, that was designed and made by people who know nothing about American Ninja Warrior. It's no surprise that the commercial and home gyms that go this way end up struggling with bored kids and uncomfortable, even unsafe equipment. 

Here at Skyhook, we have extensively tested everything we build, and we know what works and what doesn't, since we are not just an obstacle production company, we are the largest Ninja Gym on the west coast. Designed and built by us Ninjas, for your Ninjas. Everything is made here in the USA, by us in house. That is the only way to truly provide the best quality. That being said, not only do we provide the best quality, it doesn't hurt that we beat the price of the equipment from China that our competitors sell.

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