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This salmon ladder is heavy duty! Made out of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, and a hefty 1/4in thick, it is practically indestructable. This beast can go indoors or outdoors, since aluminum doesnt rust! Easy to attach to wood posts with laser cut bolt holes evenly spaced along the whole length. It also can be installed on one of Skyhooks modular rigs. Never break a rung again! 


This bundle also includes Skyhooks Zero Gravity Counterweight System, and our Patent Pending Silent Strike Bar, and all the hardware necisary to install and connect these systems to your newly installed salmon ladder. 

Skyhooks Zero Gravity Counterweight System: This amazing system protects the athlete using the bar, and protects your investment! By connecting the ropes and pulleys to the adjustable weight counterweight system, the bar can become weightless or just slightly weighted. This means if you fall you dont have to duck and cover to keep yourself safe from a falling bar. 

Silent Strike Bar: The revelutionary part of this technology is the protective sleeves that cover the ends of our strong yet light 6061 Aircraft Grade aluminum bar. These sleeves have similar technology to UHMW plastics, meaning they dont badly stick to the rungs with each impact, and they will make your neighbors and any