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  • Each Ninja Tile is approximately 4ft by 2.5 ft.
  • Comes with the hardware needed for installation at your home, but professional installation is recomended.  
  • The unique modular design of the Ninja Tiles allows you to install a near infinate number of configurations, meaning you never have to worry about you or your kids getting bored!
  • When purchased as part of The Ninja Path, obstacles are included, but this stand alone add on does not include any obstacles. 



Ninja Tile

  • We all love American Ninja Warrior, and chances are your kid is already doing their best to recreate the magic at home. Whether they are doing the spider climb up the hallway, or making an obstacle course out of couch cushions, Ninja is here to stay in your home. 

    This product is not The Ninja Path, this product is 1 Ninja Tile. While the Ninja Path lets you turn your home into the best indoor American Ninja Warrior training around (except for Skyhook Fitness itself), this Ninja Tile can be added on to your Ninja Path, or used as a stand alone way to add Ninja or Climbing to your home. Climbing you say? Why yes, climbing! You can also install a Ninja Tile on to your walls as well as the ceiling.

    When you purchase the full Ninja Path, obstacles are included. When you purchase an individual Ninja Tile, you will need to purchase obstacles and the equipment to hang them from seperately. Click here to view our hanging obstacles that are for sale. 

    We all know our kids interest in things can be fleeting, so the Ninja path is the first of its kind; a fully modular home training package. Change and adjust the obstacle spacing, placement, and difficulty within minutes. Skyhook offers multiple add ons for The Ninja Path, and many more are in the works, making the next couple years of shopping for Holidays and Birthday gifts a breeze.