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From: $15,900

The Ultimate Ninja Rig is the best way to bring everything you love at Skyhook into your own backyard. You will get the exact same equipment that we use in our gym. Which is 100% sourced, designed and built right here in Oregon. By making everything in house we can guarantee absolute quality every time. 

This rig contains four bays that can be set with several obstacle options (listed below). Whether you want something for everyone in the neighborhood or something uniquely you, we have you covered.

Take the hassle out or assembly and long shipping times. Skyhook rigs include set up, installation and delivery.

This is a way to transform you from a ninja enthusiast, to a full on ninja warrior.

The Ultimate Ninja Rig makes a fantastic center piece for any birthday party or backyard event!


  • ​Design, Material, Labor

  • Freestanding Rig

  • Installation

  • (4x) Obstacles (buyer's choice)

  • (2x) Lache Bars per bay

  • (2x) 4' x 6' Crash Pads


  • Dimensions: 25’ x 13’ x 12’

  • Recommended Clearance Dimensions: 38’ x 20’

  • # of Bays: 4

  • Fully Modular setup, obstacle distance and height is easily adjusted.

  • Freestanding


  • Salmon Ladder

  • Wing Nuts (2x)

  • Hanging Door

  • Floating Cube

  • Skyhooks (2x)

  • Flying Squirrel (2x)

  • Cannon Ball Alley 

  • Peg Board

  • Cliff Hanger

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